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Why Choose BSC?

Going into this 2020-21 season how do you decide on which club/team is best for your player? It’s such a difficult choice to try and select which club and which coach offers the best opportunities for my child to grow and develop. Winning is always a strong factor in decision making; does this team win, does this coach win? At the end of the day what is winning? Is it going unbeaten in your Nebraska Youth Soccer League division? Is it being on a team that competes at a regional level? This answer of course is different for many.

What I have found out over my number of years in youth soccer is that a quick fix or short term success does not or might not lead to that same level of success when players get into their high school years. I have found there a price to pay for focusing on WINNING at all costs in youth soccer. Which “winning” concept is more important to you: winning every game or the team’s style of play or which division the team plays or how many goals your player scores? Shouldn’t winning be more about developing a young athlete into a good person and a strong well rounded soccer player?

At BSC we produce winning players. We define winning as guiding and facilitating each player’s needs so they are able to grow and develop into whatever they choose to be – this is our goal and we constantly strive to be the best.  Our success is not decided by each teams’ league position or goals scored – it is determined by the progress of our players as a person.

Last year BSC produced winners; we graduated 26 high school senior players from BSC competitive teams; 15 of those are going on to play college soccer and the rest are all going to college to further their studies. BSC was able to give these players a soccer experience which took them from Micro to a competitive college showcase to playing varsity soccer in high school in their 14-year youth soccer career with BSC.

This year is no different. We are looking for players who are focused on the big pitcher and not short term “winning” of being on “the best team.”  BSC wants players and families that aspire to develop and produce a winning person who plays soccer.

With the change of our club’s logo, we want everyone to understand what BSC symbolizes. We represent Bellevue and all its citizens including the great men and women of the military who live and work in our community. We represent every local soccer player in Bellevue and the surrounding area who wants an opportunity to play soccer and develop into the best they can be.

We are Bellevue Soccer Club and we represent our community.


See you on the field

Mark Heath-Preston
Director of Coaching
Bellevue Soccer Club 

Mark Heath-Preston -- Director of Coaching


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