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Descriptions of the many opportunities for various ages to play at BSC.

Spring 2019 Registration Now Available!

Link to Online Registration through Affinity

Here are the registration deadlines for the spring 2019 soccer season:

  • Birth year 2004 to 2006 -- January 25
  • Birth year 2007 to 2012 -- February 27
  • Birth year 2013 to 2014 -- March 26

Please register your player based on the year he/she was born. 

To register using our online system, click the star on the left. You will be taken to our online registration system. To register, click the Registration link at the top of the page.

To register using the paper form, please click the document link titled Registration Form below.

Remember: All new players to BSC need to provide a copy of their birth certificate with their registration form.

Questions about Registration? Contact Julie Jacobs

Medical Release Form (From Nebraska State Soccer)

The NSSA Medical release form is required for most tournaments. It must be notarized when attending an out of state tournament.

Should I register online or with the paper form?

BSC highly encourages online registration.  Here’s why:

·         Save Time and Get Registered Faster

Register from the comfort of your home.  No forms to mail or registration dates to attend.

Online registrations are processed automatically, and players are immediately placed in the system. Paper forms can take up to 2 weeks to process.

·         Stay Updated

Registering online allows you to create an online account. Having this account allows you to update contact information for yourself and your children. Having current contact information will ensure club information and announcements are delivered in a timely manner.

·         Less Guesswork

The online registration system automatically determines what programs are available for a player based on his/her age. This means no more guessing which program to register for.

·         Special Requests

Online registration now allows you to request a team, coach, or friend. It also allows you to request your previous team or a new one.

·         Check Status

With online registration, you can check registration status and the status of any required documentation (birth certificate, payment by check, etc).

·         Peace of Mind

When registering online, you receive a detailed receipt via email. A receipt will prove useful if a refund is necessary, or there is an unforeseen problem with the registration. With manual registration, there isn’t a receipt, and there is always a chance that it may be lost (in the mail or by BSC), leading to frustration for everyone involved.

·         Fewer Errors

Hand-written paper forms are sometimes hard to read. This can lead to registration and data entry errors. Online registration solves this problem because you input the information directly into the system.

Registration Discounts

The following discount is available to BSC players and families: 

  • Volunteer Coach Discount: 
    • Volunteer to coach a U7 or older team and receive 1/2 off the current season's registration. With this discount, you must pay up-front for your child's full registration; you will be refunded the 50% after the season starts.

Financial Aid Form

Bellevue Soccer Club (BSC) offers financial aid to eligible and deserving families that meet certain household size and income criteria. Financial aid applies to Registration fees only. BSC does not offer assistance for other expenses, including uniform, coaching, or team-based fees. BSC uses the State of Nebraska’s income eligibility guidelines for nutrition services (free lunch program). Based on these guidelines, families meeting the required household size and corresponding income amount will be eligible for financial aid from BSC for their registration fees.

Some things to note:

  • ​Players will have to pay full registration amount if submitting financial aid application with registration.
    • All players will receive notification of approval/disapproval within 14 days of application.
    • For rec players, BSC will send a refund of the discounted registration fees within 30 days of financial approval.
    • For select players, BSC will credit their invoice AFTER 50% of the required volunteer hours are complete.

If you have questions concerning our Financial Aid program or processes, contact the BSC Treasurer at