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Training Calendar & Schedules

The following weekly trainings will be held at the complex. Please check the calendar below for dates for each program.


Mondays -

5:30-6:30pm Boys U7 Training on Field 7

6:30-7:30pm Boys U8 Training on Field 7

Tuesdays -

6:00-7:00pm U6 Micro on Field 7

Thursdays -

5:30-6:30pm Girls U7 Training on Field 7

6:30-7:30pm Girls U8 Training on Field 7

Fridays -

               5:30-6:30pm Girls U9 and U10 Training on Field 7

6:30-7:30pm Boys U9 and U10 Training on Field 7

5:30-6:30pm - Goalkeeper training - Boys U9 and U10 Academy in GK Training Area

6:30-7:30pm - Goalkeeper Training - Girls U9 and U10 Academy in GK Training Area

Saturdays -

9:30-10:30am U4/U5 Super Micro on Field 7

11:00-12:00 U6 Micro on Field 7