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The BSC's NFC Select Player’s Opportunity is intended to define the experience the club will provide to select level players who have a desire to maximize the development of their soccer ability, play on and against highly competitive teams, want to explore future playing opportunities beyond youth soccer, and have an interest in learning life lessons through the game.

NFC Select is committed to providing the best soccer experience in Nebraska to help players make their vision into a reality, and has assembled the best staff coaches, and designed the best educational program that centers on the principles of performance excellence, to fulfill this commitment.

NFC Select coaches are selected based on their ability to assist in the development of individual players and teams, and for guiding teams to successful performance in competition.  NFC Select coaches must focus on the development of the complete player, who is skillful, plays intelligently and with composure, is fit, and fully performs assigned roles to contribute to the team; and the complete person who is goal oriented, responsible, and balanced in all areas of life.

The NFC Select educational program concentrates on four areas that are essential to the development of people, players, and teams.  These educational messages are incorporated in team trainings, matches, seminars, camps, and clinics. The four areas are skill development, game concepts, fitness, and life management, and instruction in each area includes the following elements:

Skill Development

  • Dribbling – skillful with both feet, all surfaces, combinations, situation moves
  • Receiving Control “First Touch” – balls on ground various receiving techniques, balls out of air – chest, thigh, foot
  • Passing – accuracy, range, variety of passes
  • Shooting – accuracy, range, variety of shots
  • Heading – mechanics, situations (clearing, shooting, passing)
  • Defense – 1 v. 1 stance, positioning, footwork
  • Goalkeepers – position specific (save techniques, eye hand coordination, foot skills, distribution – throws, kicks

Game Concepts

  • Rules
  • Situation Fundamentals – offense, defense, transition
  • Modes of Play
  • Formations
  • Systems and Styles of Play
  • Role and Responsibility Integration
  • Performance Conduct Standards


  • Speed, quickness, endurance, strength, agility, durability, flexibility
  • Energy Essentials – nutrition, rest, hygiene

Life Management

  • Goal Setting Practices – personal, academic, soccer
  • Habit and Skill Formation
  • Competition Preparation Requirements
  • Activity Management / Academic Excellence
  • Mental Performance Principle

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